Step 1:

Load the voter registration page at, enter your Band #, then your identifying info including your birthday and a valid email address. Once submitted, you will be sent an email (normally, in less than a minute) with a 4 digit PIN to verify that your email address is correct. Follow the directions in the email to complete your registration by entering that PIN on the final registration verification page.

View video: Register to vote

Step 2:

On successful registration, you will be sent a second email with your link to the ballot. Simply load that link in your web browser to start the voting process.

View video: Register completed, email with link to your ballot

Step 3:

On the opening page of the ballot, enter your Band # once again. Your ballot will load. Mark your choice by click the box. Enter your email address if you would like a confirmation of your choice sent back to you for your records. Complete the final confirmation page. You have voted. Easy!

View video: Load the ballot and vote.